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2012 Buddhism in China: Mt Putuo, Mt Tiantai and ‘Five Mountains and Ten Monasteries’ in the Song


Program Structure

4th Annual Buddhism in China Program

June 25 - July 10, 2012


The 2012 program focused on visits to sites in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. The group visited important sites on sacred mountains, Mt Putuo (the abode of Guanyin), Mt Tiantai (the home of Tiantai Buddhism), and most of eminent temples and monasteries in Suzhou and Hangzhou, including “the Five Mountains and Ten Monasteries” named in the Song Dynasty. This took us to Hangzhou (capital of the Southern Song) where we visit Jingci Temple, the Tianzhu Temples (Faxi, Fajing, and Lower Fajing), and several sites in the West Lake district. We also visited Ningbo (White Lotus Temple, Xuedou Monastery, Asoka Temple, etc) and Huzhou (Mt Daochang, Wanshou Temple). In Jiangsu province we stopped in Suzhou (North Temple, Xiyuan Temple, etc) and Wuxi (Lingshan Big Buddha). In addition, we visited a Daoist Temple in that area.



16-Day Itinerary / 16天行程


# : “Five Mountains 五山” in Southern Song Dynasty
* : “Ten Monasteries 十剎” in Southern Song Dynasty


Day 1 Arrival in Shanghai 上海 → Suzhou 苏州


Day 2 Suzhou 苏州
Mt. Huqiu 虎丘山 → Siyuan Temple 西园寺 → Hanshan Temple 寒山寺


Day 3 Suzhou 苏州 → Wuxi 无锡
Garden 留园 → Turtle’s Head Park 鼋头渚 → Taihu Lake 太湖


Day 4 Wuxi 无锡 → Nanxun 南浔
Lingshan Giant Buddha 灵山大佛 → Brahmavihara 梵宫


Day 5 Nanxun 南浔 → 湖州 → 杭州
Nanxun Water Town 南浔古镇 → Fahua Temple in Huzhou 湖州法华寺


Day 6 Hangzhou 杭州
#2 Lingying Temple 灵隐寺 → Feilai Peak 飞来峰 → Tianzhu Temple 上天竺
#3 Jingci Temple 淨慈寺 → West Lake 西湖


Day 7 Hangzhou 杭州 → Mt. Tianati 天台山
#1 Jingshan Temple 径山寺 → Mt. Tiantai 天台山


Day 8 Mt. Tiantai 天台山
*Guoqing Temple 国清寺 → Huading Temple 华顶寺 → Shiling Waterfall 石梁飞瀑


Day 9 Mt. Tiantai 天台山 → Ningbo 宁波
Gaoming Temple 高明寺 → Ci’en Temple 慈恩寺


Day 10 Ningbo 宁波
Chiang Kai Shek’s Hometown 奉化蒋介石故居 → *Xuedou Temple 雪窦寺


Day 11 Ningbo 宁波
#4 Tiantong Temple 天童寺 → #5 Asoka Temple 阿育王寺 → Old Bund 老外滩


Day 12 Ningbo 宁波 → Mt. Putou 普陀山
Fayu Temple 法雨寺 → Puji Temple 普济寺 → Zizhu Temple 紫竹林


Day 13 Mt. Putou 普陀山
Huiji Temple 慧济寺 → Guanyin Statue 南海观音像 → Baibu Beach 千步沙


Day 14 Mt. Putou 普陀山
Luojia Hill Island 珞珈山 → Baibu Beach 百步沙


Day 15 Mt. Putou 普陀 → Ningbo 宁波 → Shangha i上海


Day 16 Departure from Shanghai 上海-賦歸

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