Ven. Yifa gave a lecture to approximately 40 people at Columbia University in New York, NY and later at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI to several hundred during her time in the United States. At Columbia, her lecture was more focused on Buddhist doctrine and philosophy, especially the Heart Sutra. While at University of Michigan, she discussed Buddhism in the modern era, its developments within China, and calling for greater cooperation and open dialogue and exchange between the United States in China. 


Lecture at the University of Michigan


Visiting Columbia University 





3月20日受密西根大学“亚洲语言与文化学系”之邀请,依法法师来到密西根大学面向400多位的教授、学生与社区知识分子在全校最大的讲堂 Rackham Amphitheatre 发表《在这个时代的佛教》Buddhism in Our Time 演讲。 此系列的讲演的宗旨是,邀请佛教杰出人士到学校为大众发表演讲,而依法法师是第一位受邀者。 演讲开始前,该系著名佛学教授Donald Lopez对依法法师的生平进行了介绍,并称讃法师在学朮与宗教双方面的成就与贡献。 首先依法法师向大家介绍“木鱼计划”在中国推行的情况,并讲述了佛教在中国的正向発展。 对佛教在东西方的差异,依法法师举例说,禅坐冥想正念在西方是减压,而在东方佛教最后目的是开悟。依法法师还表示,佛教是有系统的宗教义理,未来佛教与科学的对话应该更加深入。 法师呼吁,美国应以更开放的心态,来正确了解中国的的...

March 18th Report UN WOMEN 2016

By Joanne Cheng

The sixth day of UN Women World Conference 2016 featured an important panel discussion on women’s leadership program pressing environmental and social issues. Below is one of the speeches on environmental advocacy presented by Temple of Understanding: Food Sovereignty,Women and Sustainability, the Roots of System Change”

I’m part of a organic farm on Cape Cod called Pure Joy Farm in Massachusetts. I just want to tell you how transformative my life has become by having the direct experience of working on farm watching the miracle of food grow, being able to wonder in the farm and pick up a little bit of arugula, eat my micronutrient without even putting them in a plate. Its really is easier about that; I had the experience of get back and understand chicken a little bit more, having to relate to a flock of them. for my own dietary practices, I know these chicken live in what my niece call it Tajmahal of chicken coops. Even when they are conta...

Visitors part of the Woodenfish program, UN Women of the World, who are visiting New York from all parts of China met with actress, producer, and animal rights activist, Shannon Elizabeth. Shannon shared with the group about her work in Africa protecting endangered species as well as her hope to collaborate with Chinese interested in this cause within China. As much of the demand for endangered animal products originates throughout Asia, Woodenfish hopes to act as a bridge to enable dialogue and collaboration between those protecting the environment as well as educating others about the ongoing violence against animals, whose body parts are harvested for sale on the black market worldwide. Please visit Shannon's website to learn more about her meaningful work:


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