Woodenfish’s WISE program has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I came to it with the expectation of experiencing monastic life, cultivating myself, my discipline, and my practice, as well as getting to experience a new culture, and I got all of that and much more.

Whether you’re interested in the program because of the language classes, the cultural exchange, the Buddhism classes, monastic living, or even just to see China, you won’t leave unfulfilled. Just as in life, you will only get out of the program as much as you put into it.

If you work hard and focus on absorbing as much as you can, you’ll find how quickly and deeply you can change for the better. The WISE program provides the perfect environment for spurring this kind of change, with there always being opportunities to test and push yourself, and with a compassionate and supportive community around you that will quickly become like family. I’ve accomplished so many of my goals here, and gained even more go...

Our friends at the Temple of Understanding recently released an inspiring documentary that we you encourage you to watch. It is accessible on Youtube for viewing and sharing, and embedded below. 

Roots of Change features women’s spirited calls to change our global direction. In this visually striking short film, women warn of the current realities and looming threats of food crisis, climate change, and corruption. Women’s leadership and ownership in local systems of food production are desperately needed–as is the collaboration of their husbands, brothers, fathers, and sons. This leadership and ownership is what is meant by food sovereignty.

Roots of Change envisions a revolution in values that will result in clean water and nourishing food for all: a global culture in harmony with the environment that values relationships more than things. Only with a radical system shift that liberates the voices and bodies of women can we achieve a future that is healthy, diverse, peaceful,...

This program has given me more opportunities than I every expected.

I didn’t know anything about China or Chan Buddhism going into this. Over the past 4 weeks I’ve learned more about China, its people, its language, and Buddhism than I ever thought I would. I have fallen in love with the country because of its beauty and its culture. It is so different than America in so many different ways and every day I am here I find something new to appreciate, whether it be the people, the traditions, scenery, or the tea.

The people are so polite and peaceful, every one of them wants to help me as much as they can, and I rarely come across this kind of attitude in America. My jacket got torn up by some dogs and the tailor couldn’t fix it so she gave me a new one that was used by her son but he had out grown it, how wonderful is that?!?

The language is nothing like English and that keeps me challenged and interested. I’ve never been interested in learning language least of all Chinese which is consid...

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