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Woodenfish Foundation is an organization in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 2016

Zuyue Yue 

Hi, my name is Zuyue Xie and it is really a great honor to have this opportunity to be a member in the group. I’d like to start the school; I’m currently a senior of University of Delaware with statistics and computer science major. The school is in Newark of Delaware which is not fancy and fashion as New York, but it has its own taste of the college life and I had so much joy in the past three years. I like the class of computer
programming and mechanical build, I like spent several hours coding and building models. Other than the study life, I put a lot of effort to seek out my limit, learning time management, teamwork, leadership, etc. Other than the academic life, I like to play video games, watch comics and fitness training. There are so many things I’d like to try and there is so many things I can do. I’m really excited about this internship
since I’ve never attend such big organization before, meet new fellows who is also eager as me and doing group projects. I’ve neve...

What I learnt from final project?

I learnt what the MPI is from my final project. Actually, I searched many papers to help me to understand it such as




I decided that I needed to do something that could complement my project partner. The first few days, I do not know much about MPI, and my partner built up the framework of our presentation. I really appreciate him. Later, I find a way to use my strength to improve our presentation. I show my demo to him, and I think I gain respect from him.

Although we have discussions, these discussions are very high level. I need to improve my English! Listen to TED talks every day? What else?

What I learnt from the UN?

The side event conference ag...

Final Project Reflection

For my final project, I chose to discuss food security and climate change. I already had a moderate amount of background knowledge on climate change, and when I looked into the development goals, I knew it was the one I wanted to focus on. However, I also wanted to use this opportunity to learn about something that was very new to me. I had read articles about how climate change would affect food production, so I decided I wanted to investigate this relationship further.

            What I learned at the UN reinforced my assumption that climate change would have huge impacts for food security. With so many people already being severely food insecure in developing nations, climate change brings an added layer of complications and uncertainty. The SDG targets for zero hunger specifically mentions the importance of climate change for the future of food security efforts. This idea was echoed in various meetings throughout the conference and it seemed universally unde...

My final project is on public-private partnership (PPP), a term to which I have never really paid attention before coming to the UN. I chose this topic out of curiosity about development policies’ implementation, since partnership and its various forms -- ‘global partnership’ ‘multi-stakeholder partnership’ ‘public-private partnership’ – pop up so often in the UN discussions and sound like promising solutions to world problems.

I first tried to study PPP’s effectiveness as a financing tool and yet found that my financial knowledge was too limited to answer that question. I then turned to research on PPP’s effectiveness in providing infrastructures for poor countries. I learnt the basics of public finance and gained a flavour of various ways governments mobilize resources for social construction. I also argued that PPP could only be successful in certain environments. Contrary to my initial belief that weak global partnership contributes to unsuccessful SDG implementation, I found there...

I want to first talk about my two weeks’ experience in the United Nations. I did not really care about the latest news or international issues before, but whenever I saw the UN on TV, I could not help wondering: what is this place for? What kinds of meetings do people have inside? So, I joined this internship program not only because I can expand my horizons and improve my skills, such as in public speaking and debate, but solve problems as well. The first few days when I was in UN, I carefully observed everywhere and kept notes from meetings. The first session we attended about the SDGs in Conference Room 4 motivated me the most. There were delegates from each country, NGO, panelists, and discussants. Being in the huge conference room and listening to everyone speaking makes me feel that I was one of the members in their teams to change the world. I knew much clearer about the UN through meetings and talking to different people that it is a harmonious place without any discrimination...

Participation, Challenge and Improvement

——Reflection of the UN Internship

It’s the first time I'm exposed to a brand new platform for me to the global world. It's the first time to be abroad. It's the first time to participate in bunches of intensive training courses. So many “first times”make up my impressing tour in New York City, that push me to discover myself and the world a lot.