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Sangha Educational Study Tour Series -- East Coast, USA 

Embark on a transformative journey with the "Sangha Education East Coast Ivy League Study Tour" from April 28 to May 10, 2024. Immerse yourself in the academic atmosphere with Buddhist classes at Harvard, MIT, Boston University, Smith College, Brown, Yale, Colombia and Princeton University, and the United Nations.


Venture into spiritual realms by visiting the Peace House, Cambridge Zen Center, Providence Zen Center, Barre Buddhist Center, and other sites.


Join us for an enriching and diverse experience in the realm of Sangha education and Eastern spiritual exploration.



Program Overview and Mission

Program Overview:

Our program is dedicated to nurturing young monastics, providing them with a transformative journey to expand their international vision. Through our tour, we aim to guide them in exploring advanced higher education, with a particular focus on facilitating their application process to advanced institution of higher education. Our program adopts a comprehensive academic approach, fostering intellectual growth and development. As part of our mission, we strive to equip these individuals with the skills and knowledge to effectively spread the Dharma globally.



Our mission is to empower and cultivate the next generation of monastics by broadening their horizons and facilitating their engagement with international perspectives. We are committed to guiding them through advanced education opportunities, specifically assisting in their applications to renowned higher educational institutions. By emphasizing a holistic academic approach, we aim to not only enhance their individual growth but also to prepare them for a meaningful contribution to the global propagation of the Dharma.

Student Requirements:


- Proficiency in English

- Age between 18 and 50

- Deep understanding of Buddhism

- Dedication to Buddhist principles and teamwork

- Full commitment to participating in the entire program

- Capability to obtain a US Visa

- Financial capacity to cover the program costs

Tentative Itinerary:

4/25 - 4/27            Havard Daoist Conference (optional)

4/28       Sun         Check-in to AirB&B at Cambridge

4/29       Mon         Harvard University

4/30       Tue          MIT (Media Lab)

5/01       Wed         Boston University

5/02       Thr           Barre Buddhist Center

5/03       Fri            Smith College, Five Colleges

5/04       Sat           Cambridge Zen Center/Peace House/ Insight Meditation

5/05       Sun          Providence Zen Center

5/06       Mon          Brown University

5/07       Tue           Yale University

5/08       Wed          Princeton University

5/09       Thr            Columbia University

5/10        Fri            United Nations


*Our program operates on a volunteer basis, with no compensation for both volunteers and organizers. Our mission is to offer young monastics an opportunity to witness the landscape of Buddhism in the West society and advanced higher education institutions. 


*The cost is kept minimal, therefore each participant, Once accepted, the participant has to pay $2000 USD, to cover 12 nights of airB&B/hotel accommodations and transportation (including buses and Uber) during the program. This amount of payment does NOT include food, airline ticket, visa fee and travel/medical insurance.


*Food expenses will be divided and paid upon each meal by the participants during the activities.

Campus​ and Buddhist Centers

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