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Liwei Huang Introduction

Hi, my name is Liwei ‘Hardaway’ Huang, or you can call me Will. I come from Singapore but I was born in China. I am now a rising sophomore year in University of South Carolina and my major is Hospitality Management. My hobbies include basketball, eating and singing. I also love cooking. I not only love eating, but also I prefer to cook delicious food. I had a special experience before I studied in the US. I was in service for 2 years in SAF (Singapore Armed Forces). It changed me a lot, it made my much stronger physically and mentally. I learned the absolute loyalty of teamwork in the army. Since I started service in the army, I know I must try my best in everything, such as never giving up and helping the group to grow. More than that, I learned we need to keep calm, and not to have extreme reactions but can consider the whole situation. I am glad to have this opportunity to participate in this project. And I am excited to have a chance to work in the United Nations. Certainly, I am looking forward to meeting you in New York City.

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