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Yuqian (Lillian) Zhang Introduction

Hello! This is Yuqian Zhang, but I also go by the English name Lillian, whichever you prefer. I was born and raised in Nanjing, China. I finished high school there and went to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Montreal, Canada. I am currently a second year (will soon be third year) Philosophy major in McGill University, where I study famous modern philosophers, logic, and theories in ethics, law, aesthetics, etc. My interest in European history since middle school has inspired my curiosity in modern and contemporary Western thoughts, hence making me choose my present major. Besides philosophy, my range of interests covers most humanity and social science disciplines – particularly sociology. Like many other young people, I pay attention to social problems and try to make sense of curious phenomena. That is why the UN internship is very exciting to me, since interns get the chance to conduct social research on their own, as well as to closely observe how this largest international organisation operates and deals with intricate global issues. I look forward to the skill training workshops as well.

Outside of school I have volunteered in a community center and a teenager rehab center. Other than that, I am very much an indoor person, spending most of my time reading, watching movies, and drawing. I enjoy modern literature, old films, vintage fashion, musicals, plays, modern art, and classical music.

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