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Xiao (Shawn) Lin Introduction

Hello everyone! I am Xiao (Shawn) Lin from Tongji University and my major is computer science. I was born and lived in Fuzhou for 18 years until I went to my university. I think I am a little bit unique in this internship, since I guess I am the only master candidate, and my major is relatively most far from social science. I was a support engineer intern in Microsoft, and now I am an OpenDaylight developer in Tongji-Yale System Network Lab.

I was the volunteer for Woodenfish Forum on Buddhism & New Technology, and I was impressed by exploration of one’s inner life and inventions such as Xian Er, and Hero robot monks. This volunteer experience increased my desire to participate in this internship significantly. I really want to know how UN works and how development of IT could potentially change the world in different aspects. This internship is also a rare opportunity for me to cooperate with people from different backgrounds. And it could potentially improve my public speech and teamwork skills. I like running, badminton and outdoor activities, the experiments of climbing on mountains are incredibly unforgettable! I really look forward to meet and learn from you guys! See you in New York!

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