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Peiying (Crystal) Zhou Introduction

I'm a twenty-year-old girl from China. My name is Zhou Peiying and you can also call me Crystal. Now I'm enjoying my school life in Communication University of China as a year two student, where I learn sociology as my first specialty. I'm interested in identifying and analyzing social problems, and am especially good at quantitative research and qualitative study. I am also interested in Journalism and Communication,and that is my second major. It's known that the Humanities require people to have broad horizons, and that's why I take an active part in all kinds of high-end forums, sociological conferences, and volunteering. Nowadays I'm working on a National University Students' Innovation project, which has achieved success and preliminary conclusions in governance patterns of community. In my spare time, I usually play the piano, the flute and the guitar, to be absorbed in the classic music world.

My interest in this internship is very great, and I really appreciate the chance to see UN conferences and training content. It's sure that I can also know more about the problems as well as challenges that face the whole world. Students from different areas get together to discuss the current issues, and cooperate with each other to draw conclusions.

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