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Peiying's Final Project & Internship Reflection

Participation, Challenge and Improvement

——Reflection of the UN Internship

It’s the first time I'm exposed to a brand new platform for me to the global world. It's the first time to be abroad. It's the first time to participate in bunches of intensive training courses. So many “first times”make up my impressing tour in New York City, that push me to discover myself and the world a lot.

Surprises are everywhere, we had conversations with UN officers, which showed me that every voice here can be equally treated. We communicated to different NGOs and listen to their working idea, which gave me innovative examples to solve problems. We took part in public speaking、debating、leadership workshops,directly improved my potential ability and self-cognition. It’s the sense of implementation that really matters on the way to enrich myself. I learn something about how find your own pathway towards future career. Also changed my mind what I”used to think” in my thinking stereotype. For example, I learned that it's okay to express myself without using difficult words; that debating aims at proving yourself logically instead of changing someone's mind; that leadership isn't something we can always get from celebrities but develop from our own personality; that how to build a successful partnership is mainly depend on our communication and target in common. So many things and skills I’ve gained from the two-week program that I feel like I need to input more and more knowledge and capability after I return to China.

UN conferences are most important part of our daily routine. Actually I couldn’t figure out the structure and the operating system in the United Nations even though I’ve taken the lessons at school. But after a close observation on the events in UN, I truly get a direct sense of the partnership between government and NGOs, the relationship between main countries and so on. They have proposals came up based on every country’s reality, most of which have a dramatic influence on certain problems.

My final project also came from the UN conferences. Children’s problem has been talked a lot around us, but I what I want to do is review this poverty problem from investors’ (private sector) perspective, as well as faith power. The reason is that government policy and charity maybe cannot cover all the area and aspects, so there must be some new stakeholders taking into consider. I found the statistics and evidence proving that social problems about children can also arise the interest of investors, because the same amount of money made a more dramatic impact on children in poverty than that non-poor groups. On the other hand, It’s the faith power that give me the inspiration that moral strength really matters. It brings people up together, motivates more people to care about others and behave themselves.

At last, many thanks to my teachers and friends. They are always together with me. Even my English was not perfect at first,they gave me support so I can have confidence to practice more and communicate with others. Gradually, I find it never difficult any more. Maybe I'm one of those who can adapt themselves quickly into new environments.

My appreciation is beyond words about this internship.

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