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Introductions of Summer 2018 WF UN Intern Group

Zuyue Yue

Hi, my name is Zuyue Xie and it is really a great honor to have this opportunity to be a member in the group. I’d like to start the school; I’m currently a senior of University of Delaware with statistics and computer science major. The school is in Newark of Delaware which is not fancy and fashion as New York, but it has its own taste of the college life and I had so much joy in the past three years. I like the class of computer programming and mechanical build, I like spent several hours coding and building models. Other than the study life, I put a lot of effort to seek out my limit, learning time management, teamwork, leadership, etc. Other than the academic life, I like to play video games, watch comics and fitness training. There are so many things I’d like to try and there is so many things I can do. I’m really excited about this internship since I’ve never attend such big organization before, meet new fellows who is also eager as me and doing group projects. I’ve never imagine I can step into the United Nations, but it all seems to become truth now. Looking forward for the amazing adventure in this internship.

Rose Shao

Hi everyone! My name is Rose like the flower! It’s so nice of you to come to visit me here! I major in Psychology at the beautiful University of Victoria in Canada. I am always most curious about how and why people behave the way they do, and studying psychology seemed the most legitimate way for me to “stalk” people for research purposes. I’m just kidding. On campus, I’m involved with several clubs and extra-curricular activities including the UNICEF at UVic, TA (Taiwanese Association), and a language partner for exchange and international students. I also work in a neuro-psychological research lab where we mess with people’s brains all day.

Off campus, I like to maintain an active lifestyle and enjoys various physical pursuits. I was captain of the school volleyball team and still likes to play as much as possible. I try to travel to new cities and new continents whenever I have time. One of my favorite memories from my travels is when I was in Rome. I played the piano in the empty midnight train station while a young girl danced freely to it. It’s these spontaneous encounters that make me appreciate this beautiful world.

As much as I love traveling, I also recognize the importance of silence and meditation. I was raised Buddhist, and spend some time out of every holiday away from the city to study the ancient wisdom and meditate.

I am still on the search of true meaning and purpose of life, and I believe I can bring my unique perspective and curiosity to this program. I look forward to exploring UNHQ and make a lot of incredible friends along the way!

Yuhan Guo

Greetings everyone, my name is Yuhan Guo, though most people at school call me “Frost”. I am a Junior Undergraduate Computer Science student at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

As you might have already guessed, I am interested in programming and solving problems with algorithms and search engines. Besides my major, I also study Japanese language and have interest in economics. Japanese expanded my world, and economics provided unique perspectives to analyze problems. During weekends, I mostly hangout with friends, playing D&D, video games or go fishing.

I choose to participate this program because I believe it will be a critical opportunity to practice my communication and teamwork skills. Due to my major, I will mostly be dealing with machines to solve machine problems in my later career. Thus it’s especially precious for me to have this opportunity to communicate with others to solve problems regarding ethics and laws. Also, our society is becoming saturated with technology, and the ethics regarding how to utilize technology is getting discussed more and more frequently. As someone who will soon be developing such technology, I am looking forward to gain some insight on this topic from this program.

And this is pretty much all about me, I am looking forward to see you all in New York!

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