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Buddhism, Science and Future Conference 2024

The Grand Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan
June 21-23, 2024

The Woodenfish Foundation is organizing a three-day conference, from June 21-23, 2024 in Taipei Taiwan as the latest iteration of our conference series, Buddhism, Science and Future. Tackling some of the global developments characterizing Buddhism in the twenty-first century, it invites scholars of Buddhism, mindfulness practitioners, Buddhist leaders, and leaders in AI development to focus, first, on the increasingly popular practice of mindfulness and, second, on the rapid development of artificial intelligence.


Slipped into speeches from internet gurus to military generals yet sharing a lineage with some of the leading Buddhists of today, the ubiquitous concept of mindfulness blurs traditional boundaries between monastics and the laity. Even as it threatens to shift the landscape of Buddhist practice, mindfulness has exciting potential for improving quality of life around the world. We aim to put Buddhist scholars in conversation with mindfulness practitioners on these important topics. Participants in the conference will confront the implications of mindfulness for the past, present, and future of Buddhist practice and humanity,


Relatedly, the exponential growth of AI is both a site of concern and potential. Buddhism’s occupation with the human mind easily extends to conversations on the artificial mind, bringing to the fore practical and philosophical questions of, for example, intelligence, ethics, and practice. Held in Taiwan, itself at the forefront of technological development as a center of the semi-conductor industry, the conference will encourage participants to discuss the pressing topics these questions inspire at the intersection of Buddhism and AI.


At the conclusion of each day, the conference will host a youth science symposium, gathering high school and college Taiwanese youth to present on Buddhism and science. Finally, the entire event will end with a couple concluding panels discussing the current moment in Buddhism and its future.

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The Grand Hotel

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