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2011 Buddhism in China: Sichuan and Mt. Emei


Program Structure


3rd Annual Buddhism in China Program

July 1 to July 15, 2011


The 2011 program took Sichuan as its focus and was operated in collaboration with local administrative offices. In addition to Mount Emei, the 2001 itinerary included the Great Buddha at Leshan, the Dazu Grottoes, various sites in Chengdu (the Zhaojue Temple, the Manjusri Temple, Dufu’s Cottage, the Zhuge Liang Shrine, Qingyang Abbey, etc), Chongqing (Huayan and Luohan Temples), and Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in and around Kangding. Through personal tours of these locations, participants gained on-the-ground knowledge of the history and diversity of Buddhism in China, its relationship to other cultural institutions, and its ongoing vitality. Special attention was given to introducing participants to potential sources and avenues for research and to promoting interaction with Chinese scholars.



Sites Visited


  • Qingcheng Mountain青城

  • Wannian Templ

  • Disparity in Great Magnitude: a Journey from Shanghai (上 海) to Kangding (康定)

  • The Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage Museum

  • Zhuge Liang Shrine

  • Nanwu Monastery

  • Dazu Grottoes

  • The Golden Summit

  • Nyingma Jingang Temple

  • Hongchun Ping 洪椿坪Monastery

  • Baoguo Si

  • Mount Emei

  • Zhaojue Temple

  • A Short History of the Leshan Giant Buddha

  • Postmodern pilgrimage, the mysteries of learning by travel

  • Qingyang Gong 青羊宮

  • Nyingma Diamond Temple

  • Wannian Si: The “View” from the Outside




Day 1 Arrive at Chengdu


Day 2 Orientation and seminar


Day 3 Zhaojue Temple 昭覺寺 and Manjusri Temple 文殊院


Day 4 Du Fu’s Cottage 杜甫草堂, Zhuge Liang Shrine 諸葛亮武侯祠, Qingyang Palace 青羊宮


Day 5 Mount Qincheng 青城山


Day 6 Great Buddha at Leshan 樂山大佛, to Mount Emei 峨眉山: Baoguo Temple 報國寺


Day 7 Mount Emei: Qingyin Pavillion 清音閣, Wannian Temple 萬年寺 and others


Day 8 Mount Emei: Hong Chuanping 洪春坪, Golden Summit 金頂


Day 9 Return to Chengdu


Day 10 To Kangding 康定, Nyingmapa Jingang Temple 紅教金剛寺


Day 11 Geluk Anjue Temple 黃教安覺寺 , Kagyu Nanwu Temple 白教南無寺


Day 12 Return to Chengdu, visit Luding Bridge 瀘定橋


Day 13 Dazu Grottoes 大足石刻


Day 14 To Chongqing 重慶: Huayan Temple 華岩寺 and Luohan Temple 羅漢寺


Day 15 Departure from Chongqing

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