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The foundation of the Woodenfish Community lies in a VOLUNTEER CULTURE, with no individuals receiving compensation as fully employed members. The process of being chosen as a board director involves participation in the Woodenfish program as a student, followed by transitioning to a staff role. Those who return as cadre staff multiple times are eligible to become members of the Woodenfish Committee. The Board of Directors primarily consists of individuals selected from this Committee.


In addition to the main body of the Board of Directors, Woodenfish extends invitations to individuals with financial and legal expertise to join the board. Board members serve a term of 2 years.

Venerable Dr Yifa



Founder of Woodenfish Project, Internal 

IMG_0569 2_edited.png

Kim Dembrosky


Director of Woodenfish “HBMLP” 2016-2019

HBMLP Staff 2014, 2015

HBMLP 2013 


Julia Gooding

Director of Woodenfish “United Nations Development Programs” 2016~

Director of BIC “Dunhuang Conference” 2016 

Director of Woodenfish “Buddhism, Science & Future” 2017~19


HBMLP staff 2010

HBMLP 2005

IMG_9990 2_edited.jpg

Samuel Gorman


Director of Woodenfish “World CitiZen” 2017~2019

BSF staff 2018, 2019

HBMLP staff 2017, 2018, 2019 

HBMLP 2016 


Guttorm Norberg Gundersen

Director of Woodenfish “Buddhism in China” 2014~2017


Director of HBMLP 2014~2015

HBMLP lecturer for academic courses 2016-2017

HBMLP 2013


Matthew Powals

Legal Consultant 

HBMLP staff 2016, 2023

BSF staff 2017, 2019 

HBMLP 2014


Justin Whitaker

HBMLP professor for academic courses 2016~2019

BIC 2009

HBMLP 2010


Anthony Liu

Financial Consultant 

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