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2010 Buddhism in China: Huayan Buddhism and Mt. Wutai


Program Information


Sponsored by the Woodenfish Foundation and in collaboration with faculty of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing, the Buddhism in China program offers graduate students the opportunity for direct and intensive engagement with important historical centers of East Asian Buddhism in Jiangsu, Beijing, and Shanxi, including Mount Wutai and the Datong grottos. Through regular seminars conducted by scholars of East Asian Buddhism specializing in the field of Huayan Buddhism and guided tours of temples, archeological sites, and other historical locations, participants will study the history and culture of Buddhism in China. Special attention is also be given to introducing participants to potential sources and avenues for research and to promoting interaction with Chinese scholars.


Sites Visited


  • The Great Buddha City in Wuxi 无锡

  • Wutai Shan 五台山/ Mount Wutai

  • Foguang Temple of Wutai County

  • Qiaojia Dayuan/ Qiao Family Compound

  • Zhen Hai Temple 鎮海寺 

  • Xuan Kong Si/ Hanging Temple 

  • Yingxian Wooden Pagoda of Fogong Temple

  • Huayan Temple

  • Chong Shan Temple

  • Gaomin Temple 高旻寺

  • Qixia Temple 栖霞寺

  • Yungang Grottoes 雲崗石窟 

  • Dajue Temple 大覺寺




Day 1 All arrive in Shanghai 上海


Day 2 Gathering in Shanghai Fo Guang Shan Temple
Visit Wuxi Great Buddha City and Brahma Palace 
To Dajue Temple in Yixing 宜興大覺寺


Day 3 Visit Dajue Temple 大覺寺
(Student introductions and presentations of research interests)
Lecture on “Zongmi’s Huayan Chan” by Prof. Quan Dong


Day 4 Tour of Bamboo Forest 竹海
Purple-sand Ceramics Market 紫砂壺市場


Day 5 To Yangzhou Buddhist College 揚州鑑真佛學院
Lecture on “The Huayan rituals in Chinese Buddhist monastery” by Prof. Ven. Shengkai


Day 6 Visit Daming Temple 大明寺Tour of Library 圖書館
Lecture on “Esoterics and Huayan” by Prof. Yaozhong Yan


Day 7 Visit Gaoming Temple 高旻寺
City Tour of Yangzhou


Day 8 Free Time
Departure from Yangzhou to Beijing 20:00pm-6:30am 


Day 9 Arrive Beijing 北京
Free Time


Day 10 Visit Chinese Buddhist College in Fayuan Temple 
Free Time


Day 11 Opening Ceremony: “Problems and Prospect of Buddhism and
Buddhist Studies in China” by Prof. Zhiyuan Wang (CASS)
“Studies on the History and Philosophy of Huayan Buddhism” 
by Prof. Daoru Wei (CASS) 


Day 12 “The Issues on Huayan Buddhism” by Prof. Song Wang (Beijing U) 
Visit Yonghe Temple, lead by Prof. Jiamuyang Kaichao
Guqin Lecture and Performance at Jutian Guqin Concert,
by Master Peng Wang


Day 13 “Huayan Study” by Western scholars
Visit Forbidden City lead by Prof. Jiapeng Wang, 
from Forbidden City Museum of China


Day 14 “The Avatamsaka Alphabets in the Chan Men Ri Song”
by Guangrong Zhou (CASS)
“Archaeological Studies for Buddhist Arts in Yungang” 
by Prof. Zong Zhang (CASS)


Day 15 Departure from Beijing to Taiyuan 8:40am-12:01pm 
(one-way train ticket: RMB189/ RMB157)
Visit Chongshan Temple in Taiyuan and City Tour 太原崇善寺


Day 16 Visit Jinci Shrine, Qiaojia dayuan and Pingyao Gucheng


Day 17 To Datong Yungang Grottoes大同云冈石窟


Day 18 Wooden Pagoda in Yingxian and Xuankong Temple


Day 19 To Mt. Wutai 五臺山


Day 20 Mt. Wutai 五臺山


Day 21 Mt. Wutai 五臺山


Day 22 Departure 賦歸

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