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Woodenfish programs are transformational. They focus on deep personal exploration, collaborative scholarship and dialogue, and cultural peace training. We bring together students, scholars, members of the Buddhist community, and professionals from all walks of life. Since 2002, Woodenfish has provided innovative experiential education and scholastic engagement with the Chinese Buddhist world. We now have over 1,000 alumni worldwide, many of whom are in academia, social change, law, medicine and business.  

Woodenfish has awarded over $1.5 million
in program scholarships since 2002
Immersion Program Experience Buddhism in Chinese Monastery, study abroad, unusual, Buddhist life, learn Chinese

Woodenfish Foundation offers cross-cultural training and experiential education programs that equip participants with the tools to mindfully engage with and transform the most pressing issues of our time.  

Chinese Buddhism in the West, cross-cultural dialogue, Buddhist leadership training

We are a growing 501(c)3 organization that aspires to serve and inspire others of many faiths throughout the world.

Help us fulfill our mission with a contribution. 

Earn college credit, unique experience, Buddhist monastics, meditation, learn Chinese traditional culture
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