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2017 Global CitiZen Youth Camp Update

The Global CitiZen Youth camp is anchored in four qualities of being: diligence, awareness, tranquility, and inclusivity. We gather once a year to cultivate these four qualities while we practice English, build relationships, and have a lot of fun.

This year’s CitiZEN camp will be the most attended youth camp in Woodenfish history. Because of the growth and commitment of our participants, we’ve found a new location, and we are thrilled with what it has to offer. Beyond the modern learning facilities and the comfortable dormitories, the Aimer building is beautifully conceived. What makes this award-winning structure especially unique is its design philosophy. In order to accommodate the needs of its occupants, the Aimer building provides room for both contemplation and human interaction, bringing out the community’s best qualities, with incredible craftsmanship and a gorgeous look.

The CitiZen camp’s primary goal, paired with skillful English instruction, is to anchor participants in the idea of global citizenship. Our staff, a network of individuals from communities across the world, comes together once a year to combine their skills and experiences to build this impermanent, yet powerful community. Our global community connects through the English language and because of this, we share our best practices to hone the skillful English of each participant, helping them access a deeper level of the Global Community.

This year’s teacher team is an international group of strong academics, teachers, and social leaders. We have educators, geopolitical analysts, physical fitness and martial arts specialists, global health teachers, filmmakers and artists, philosophers, and entrepreneurs. Our programming will focus on the fundamentals of English, mindful communication, and how to think more critically about our place in the global community.

Whether you are joining the camp or supporting from afar, thank you for contributing to this vibrant experiment in collectivism. Please reach out if you’d like to be further involved or just stay updated on the great things that are happening!

(Photos: top row, photos of location of camp at Aimer in Beijing, and photos of staff members for the 2017 camp)

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