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Gloris (Zirui) Liu Introduction

Hi! I am Zirui Liu, or you can also call me Gloris. I am from Beijing, and I graduated from Zhongguancun High School in 2016. In my second year of high school, I decided to go abroad to study. I am now a rising sophomore at Boston University. I love doing sports, like running, playing tennis and skiing. I love the excitement of riding roller coasters and any extreme activities. I also like traveling, and using my camera to capture the beauty of life. Before I went to college, I had internships in CCTV, Guangming Studying Abroad Magazine, and published an article based on my studies in Beijing Hutong. I directed documentaries about Beijing Hutong with my high school TV station’s members. After going to BU, I joined the BUTV10 and an independent student newspaper. At the end of my freshmen year, I decided to major in Advertising in Mass Communication and minor in Sociology. I am really excited to be enrolled in the UN internship program. I am interested in studying areas in communications, urban sociological problems (especially the protection of old architectures and cultural heritages), workplace inequality, and equality for women. Expanding my global horizons through attending various UN meetings and improving my skills in public speaking and management are what I expect to harvest from this precious internship in NYC. Last but not least, I am excited to become good friends with other group members. I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

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